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Over a decade of automotive innovation

Silicon Labs offers a wide range of automotive solutions for the next generation of traditional and electric vehicles. Our infotainment and networking devices connect drivers and vehicles, our ADAS and autonomous vehicle devices ensure a safe journey, and our isolation products allow hybrid and electric vehicles to safely and efficiently power high voltage systems.

Electronica Power Electronics Forum:
Power Semiconductors


CMOS Isolators, the Heroes of Vehicle Electrification

November 12th at 11:00 am CET

Join Rudye McGlothin, Marketing Director for our Power and Isolation products, and learn why CMOS based isolation technology is essential to the success of the electrification trend.


Isolator vs. Optocoupler Technology

How GaN ICs are Transforming the EV Market

Signal and Power Isolation Interfaces for Electric Vehicle Systems

Isolation in Electric Vehicle Systems Quick Reference

Design Guide for Reducing EMI in Isolated Systems

Safety Considerations for Capacitor-based Isolators

AN1237: Design Guidelines for Minimizing EMI

View all Isolation Training Material

Automotive - Under the Hood (Part 1)

Automotive - Isolation Strikes Back (Part 2)

ClockBuilder Pro

PCIe Clock Jitter Tool

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